Storytelling for empowerment

What does Stigma on Abortion, Menstruation Taboos and Female Genital Cutting have in common? As varied as these practices maybe, they are all patriarchal notions which purport controlling female body and sexuality.

To address these complex social phenomeons together, we are bring together a video installation WHEN EVE TELLS TALES

Art created by Ishita Jain. Project with support of Alexander Von Humboldt Stufting and FOWARD for WOMEN, Germany
  • India Stands at a crossroads

    September 15, 2019 by

    My parents are worried sick. They are convinced that my social media posts are an imminent threat to my safety and theirs. I know my silence is a threat to my conscience and my country. The irony is that I even don’t live in India. Yet the fear of social media vigilantism, government watchdogs is… Read more

  • India Resists through art

    September 15, 2019 by

    The re-election of the rightwing, populist party, BJP in May 2019 and it’s pro-Hindutva agenda has been a nightmare for many secular Indians. The situation hit another low as students and universities came under fundamentalist attacks in December 2019 in the capital, Delhi. The current political situation in India has forced an average Indian youth… Read more

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